The Future of Nursing, 125 Years in the Making

Celebrating 125 Years of Commitment to Nursing Education, Research, and Practice
Columbia Nursing's impact on nursing began 125 years ago when it opened its doors in 1892.  It was then that Anna C. Maxwell, the school's first dean, set the standard for nursing education and service that would become the foundation for Columbia Nursing's excellence for decades to come. It was Maxwell's pioneering spirit and unwavering belief in the power of nursing that opened new horizons for the profession and paved the way for today's nurse clinicians and scientists.

Today, Maxwell's legacy lives on. 125 years later, Columbia University School of Nursing continues to innovate, lead, and transform. The school will celebrate this milestone anniversary throughout 2017 with special events, lectures and more.

Shaping Education
For more than a century, Columbia Nursing has been meeting the ever-evolving need to prepare advanced nurses to deliver more complex care as health advances accelerate, people live longer and as chronic diseases that used to be fatal in the short term are now being managed. In 2016, we introduced an innovative, accelerated program preparing students as masters-credentialed nurses. The program's graduates will acquire the skills to deliver a superior level of care in a variety of settings.  In 2017, our exquisite new state-of the art building will open its doors. The facility will create a setting that plays a vital role in preparing nurses for the growing challenges of 21st century healthcare. This includes a state-of-the art simulation center, giving students the opportunity to master critical skills in a safe, educational environment.

Pioneering Research
Researchers and students at Columbia Nursing have worked side by side in pursuit of discoveries to build the scientific foundation for clinical practice, shape health policy, and impact the health of people globally.
Columbia Nursing is one of the largest recipients of NIH funding on a per capita basis among nursing schools. Studies conducted by our nurse scientists investigate the origins of disease and illness and seek to improve the delivery of care. Our distinguished faculty of nurse scientists publish in influential peer-reviewed journals and have been honored by health care's prominent associations, foundations, and government agencies.

Transforming Care
From the day our doors opened, Columbia Nursing has been educating and preparing students to deliver evidence-based care at the bedside and beyond. The school has clinical partnerships with more than 200 practice sites throughout New York City, and affiliations with major New York medical centers including NewYork-Presbyterian. This solid clinical training ground gives our students invaluable experiential learning, and opportunities to actively contribute to the health of individuals and communities.
More than 58 million Americans face a shortage of primary care services. Columbia Nursing is on the forefront of the filling this gap with its nurse practitioner-run primary care faculty practice. Columbia NPs have provided primary care for hundreds of patients in the school's midtown Manhattan facility and the school recently opened additional primary care practices locations in Morningside and Washington Heights to better serve those communities. 

As we reflect on our rich history and on our achievements both past and present—and all there is still yet to come—we celebrate 125 years of shaping, pioneering and transforming the education and profession of nursing.

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